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Corded Uplight Rental

  • 3 Days: $17.00 if quantity is bigger than 4
  • Next Available: 7/1/24

Reserve the Corded uplighting rental

Step 1: Enter your quantity
Step 2: Enter your Event Date, we recommend choosing the same date
Step 3: Add other items and head over to our One-Page Checkout
Step 4: Email Verification will come within 24 hours
Step 5: Wait for rentals and use them
Step 6: After using rentals, return dirty (no cleaning necessary) next business day with the USPS mail carrier (we provide return shipping label). 

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Placing orders online is hard from website to website. We do a screen shot video on how to place flatware rental orders online. Free Shipping both ways with minimum and ordered 3 weeks prior.  
Corded Uplight Rental
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At Summit City Rental, we stand behind a guarantee from US to YOU (customer) on every order. No questions asked. 

Free flatware rental shipping nationwide. Reserve with a minimum deposit of silverware rental with free shipping. Reduce flatware rental quantity few weeks prior. Free return shipping and nationwide shipping.

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Reserve your order with only 50% deposit and remaining 3 weeks before.

Reduce your quantity by 20% of original ordered amount. Example is 100 originally ordered x .20 = Reduction by 20 pieces each. 

We strive to have flatware by 2 days before event or earlier. (If ordered 2 weeks prior to event date)

Corded Uplighting Rental for your event being planned. 

Uplight Rental is an elegant brightly powered led light(s). They have three (3) colored lights inside them to project against the wall. These uplight rental colors can do any bright color you want. A color chart seen below. However, you can not do dark uplighting rental colors. 


Wedding uplighting rentals is necessary. It's "LITERALLY" transforming to a venue. In addition, rental uplighting can change a gymnasium or a wedding venue. 


 Why SCRentalWarehouse.com should be your "GO TO" uplight rental company:

  • Located in Indiana (Midwest) for fast shipping around the nation. 
  • Over 200+ Uplights to choose from
  • Been shipping rentals for over 3 years and local rentals for 15 years.
  • Knowledgeable information about rental products
  • Rents Uplighting locally in our hometown; believing in the rental uplighting product for tents, venues, and conventions.

SCREntalWarehouse.com (Formally, SummitCityRental.com/FortWayneWeddings.com) has been located in the Midwest out of Fort Wayne, IN for the last fiffteen (15 years). Here, SCRentalWarehouse.com has grown locally and nationally. We have been cutting edge on shipping uplight rentals. From uplights we are the only online company to ship out Chauvet Nimbus Rental and Luxury Flatware Rentals. Elevating the rooms for event planners, brides/grooms, and conventions. 

Why is Indiana a great location for shipping? Indiana is great because we are able to ship in 1-2 days from New York - > Arkansas - > Illinois -> Indiana - > Michigan. This is huge for last minute reservations needed. 

However, keep scrolling down to see other unique gold silverrental layouts for your table rental at your soiree event. You'll be amazed how elegance is affordable for your event, but also makes a big impact!



Uplighting rental is an easy and affordable way to transform your venue for wedding uplight rental, event uplighting rental, or rental uplighting . Uplighting rental is an easy way to set led “up light rentals” on the ground, (2) plug them in or choose battery operated uplighting rental, and (3) set your rental uplight color . As the rental of uplighting you’ll be amazed by the transformation of your venue . uplighting rental is affordable and easy to be a DIY Uplighting Rental. Rental uplighting DIY (do it yourself) is easy to do because of the basics of uplighting rental and lighting rental set up and tear down. Clients are excited to change their venue with our easy uplighting rental. The best part is that uplighting is FREE shipping to you and back to us. There is no experience required to set up rental uplighting . Click now to reserve your uplighting rental .


Rent Uplighting , by SCRentalWarehouse.com




Order Uplighting with only 50% down

Free Shipping to (Plus Free Returns)

Set Up Uplighting Rentals & Party with rental uplights

Free Returns Next Business Day

-       Choose corded uplight rental or wireless uplight rental (battery operated)

-       uplighting is easy and quick to do. Each uplight rental takes less than 30 seconds to set. Plus, you can program your Uplight Rentals prior to your event date.

-       Free Shipping to and pre-paid return label back to us

-       Packages come UPS or FedEx

-       Arrives 2 Days Prior to Event or Earlier

-       Provide 10 foot power cords

-       Over 100+ colors to choose from and/or 7 Standard Colors

-       LED Lighting for brighter uplight rentals

-       Uplights Can be daisy chained together (Meaning only 1 power source is needed. Plug up to 30 in one outlet!)

-       Drop off to a UPS facility (make sure you receive a receipt)

-       Free Return Label included in box and emailed to you.

-       Use original box to send upligting rentals back.

Rent Uplighting , by SCRentalWarehouse.com



Learn more about uplighting rentals :

Wedding Uplighting Rental in multiple colors, that you decide. 

Rent Uplighting , by SCRentalWarehouse.com

  • Wedding Uplight Rentalcan be set to any color you desire. They just can't be a dark color. Plus, the color pin wheel doesn't even show all the colors we offer our customers renting the uplighting. 
  • We give you basic instructions on how to set the uplight rental colors. It is a step by step procedure and also gives you examples.
  • Plus, we give you the ability to elaborate the uplight rentals with how to do a custom color.
  • We offer the ability, for our staff to pre-color the uplight rentals, just choose the standard colorin the menu when reserving.


Uplight Rental Shipping.

Enjoy FREE shipping to you and back to us (SCRentalWarehouse.com) on all uplighting rentals to . Uplighting rental delivery is guaranteed at least  two days before your event date. We guarantee uplighting will arrive on-time. If any uplight rental has a defect please contact us. Upon return (free to you) we will inspect and ensure a proper defect in rental uplight .


For transit times, please see our transit map to see how long shipment takes for uplight rentals to arrive.

Rent Uplighting , by SCRentalWarehouse.com

Rent Uplighting , by SCRentalWarehouse.com

Rental Uplight Returns.

Return up light rentals to any UPS location next business day (if lands on holiday, next day). Use same box and pre-paid UPS label provided for uplight rental return. There will be no late fees to rental uplight renters who inform of us a delay. We understand issues occur, but must be made aware as we may ask to ship to a different SCRentalWarehouse location or assist us in another way. Please communicate for any issues that may arise so you are not accessed with an uplight rental late fee.


Rental Up lighting Rental Polices.

uplighting rental policies require a payment of 50% of the event total. At checkout you will see the full amount, but 14 Business Days or 2 weeks (and longer we only accept 50%). If you book less than 2 weeks you’ll receive a charge of 100%. The 100% payment is required 2 weeks prior or closer to the event date. uplight rentals include everything you need. No security deposit for uplight rentals. If you are late on a return, no late fees as you call to let us know and make arrangements for a new return date on your uplighting rental.

Rental Uplighting Cancellations.

rental uplight cancellations can occur 2 weeks prior. Individuals wll forfeit their 50% deposit. In the issuance of a global pandemic (covid-19) we will refund 25% of your 50% or 75% if items have not shipped. The 25% of uplight rental will be kept for advertising cost, communication, payment processing, and labor.

When to place your up light rental order with SCRentalWarehouse.com

We encourage individuals to place your uplight rental order as soon as possible (ASAP)! We say this because SCRentalWarehouse.com is an event rental company servicing 1000s of customers yearly. Some months and weekends we may be short on supply. However, to Uplight Rental renters we do allow bookings 2 days before event over the phone or 7 business days when ordering online. We do require 7 business days to ensure adequate ship time.


up light rental specifications technical.

 Technical Specifications for our uplight rental: 





DMX Modes

3, 7 Channels

Sound Active




LED Type


Power Consumption

24W @ 120V 60Hz, 27W @ 230V 50Hz








2.7 lbs.

Manufacturer Part Number



Rent Uplighting , by SCRentalWarehouse.com 

How many uplight rentals to order.

This is a common question for uplighting rental renters, but is hard to answer. However, we are going to share how many uplights to rent d by seeing how many guest your event hall holds. We use these numbers because there is a national standard code of how event halls are made. This national standard states how much square foot is given for each person. Therefore, we know that an event hall that holds 75 individuals polis, IN or Los Angeles, CA they will be close to the same size of square footage. There may be a difference about number of walls or lengths of each wall, but the overall size of the room will be common. In conclusion, we can accurately assume how many  uplight rentals you will want by the size of your event hall.

Number of Guest that can be held at your event hall.

Elegant Lighting Rental

Modest Up Light Rental

All-out Uplighting Rental


3 - 5

10 - 15

25 - 30


5 - 8

15 - 20



8- 12

20 - 25

30 – 35


12 - 18

25 - 30

35 - 40 


18 - 22

35 - 40

40 - 45 


22 - 25

40 - 45

60 - 70

 Elegant Lighting Rental :

Elegant lighting rental includes few uplight rentals that look great behind head tables for wedding uplight rentals. Next, for non-wedding light rentals they are great placed around the room or the entrance to the room. Finally, for school dances they look great to transform gymnasiums or cafeterias where the school dances are held.

 Modest Up Light Rental :

Modest up light rental includes a few more than elegant lighting rentals. This allows you to place the uplight rentals across one or two walls. That means you have a great look right when guest come in for all events. This is the most common up light rental category people use. Yes, most people that rent from us (Summit City Rental) rent about 20 – 25 up lights.

 All-out Uplighting Rental :

This is for event planners, school dance planners, reception halls, or brides that want full room up light coverage. This gives the “Amazing” or “Wow” effect! Because it allows up lights to cover around the room. This means that up lights are approximately ten feet apart. We love this because the pictures are amazing and look beautiful.


 See some Uplight Rental Examples


Uplight White Rental


Blue Uplight Rental

Where to rent  Uplight Rental. Rent  uplight rental from SC Rental Warehouse with free shipping both ways.

Blue Uplight Rental

Where to rent  Uplight Rental. Rent  uplight rental from SC Rental Warehouse with free shipping both ways.  

Festive uplight rental white and yellow/green.

Where to rent  Uplight Rental. Rent  uplight rental from SC Rental Warehouse with free shipping both ways.

Blue Uplight Rental.

Where to rent  Uplight Rental. Rent  uplight rental from SC Rental Warehouse with free shipping both ways.

Orange Uplight Rental.

Where to rent  Uplight Rental. Rent  uplight rental from SC Rental Warehouse with free shipping both ways.

Magenta/Purple Uplight Rental .

Where to rent  Uplight Rental. Rent  uplight rental from SC Rental Warehouse with free shipping both ways.

Turquoise uplight rental.

Where to rent  Uplight Rental. Rent  uplight rental from SC Rental Warehouse with free shipping both ways.

BEFORE Uplighting Rental

 Where to rent  Uplight Rental. Rent  uplight rental from SC Rental Warehouse with free shipping both ways.

AFTER Uplight Rental

Where to rent  Uplight Rental. Rent  uplight rental from SC Rental Warehouse with free shipping both ways.

Turquoise uplighting rental.


Rent Uplighting , by SCRentalWarehouse.com





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