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About Us Page

SC Rental Warehouse was formed from Summit City Rental. It became clear that more and more individuals were loving the specialty items we carried and wanted to know if we would ship them. SummitCityRental.com was first established, but then we realized almost 2 years in it created a ton of confusion from the local website to the national shipping website. So to ensure clarity, but same service we created a similar but name that hopefully isn't confusing.

Where to rent gold flatware rental. Rent gold flatware from SCRentalWarehouse.com

What started off as a small backyard tent company.

Like any small mom and pop company they start with an idea. That idea started with setting up tents, tables, and chairs for smaller events. The company soon found itself doing bigger tents, but was not liking the direction as they were just like the same old company that Fort Wayne, Indiana already had.

We wanted to stand out and so inspired the creativity that has lead to the creation of www.SummitCityRental.com -> www.SCRentalWarehouse.com.

Many receptions, wedding planners, and individuals around the United States knew us for uplighting.

As we were in the event industry in 2009 we noticed a new and upcoming idea that is seen unanimous today. That new idea was LED uplighting. This was the craze and everybody wanted in on it, but just like anything; it was expensive and a gamble if it would fly or not (like photo booths). However, we gambled in the business and we doubled the black jack bet to uplighting. In Fort Wayne, IN we were setting up hundreds of uplights at reception halls. This is when we were first asked to ship uplights as DJ's didn't have enough or were just starting out. We thought absolutely we can ship uplights at an affordable cost. First, it was paying for shipping, but with the craze of ".com" we want SHIPPING TO BE FREE. So we made it SCRentalWarehouse.com's mission to make everything on the website FREE SHIPPING (both ways) no questions asked. As a consumer you don't need to see those surprising fees.

Uplight rentals, uplighting rentals, or wireless uplight rentals were the craze for a few years. We still rent out tons of uplighting rentals and probably will until we all drive electric cars. Lighting rentals for SCRentalWarehouse.com was the first lift off to this .com era and free shipping. Then we did it again; we saw that gold flatware rental was becoming huge outside of us. We wanted to offer affordable flatware rental to all individuals, but FREE Shipping! That is what we did. Wouldn't you beleive it after about 15,000 pieces of gold polished flatware rental we are still shipping that style today. Although the popularity has gone down, it is by far a highly looked at item.

Uplight Rentals, Flatware Rentals, and Event Rentals with FREE Shipping.

In conclusion, you've learned history on how Summit City Rental came from a tent company -> local uplighting company -> renting uplights online with free shipping -> now where we are today (and don't plan to stop). Events can be expensive finding exactly that rental items. At SCRentalWarehouse.com we hope you'll like the rental items we have available with FREE Shipping in the United States!


To all of you, from all of us at SCRentalWarehouse.com- Thank you and Happy PARTYING!

SC Rental Warehouse
with Love